Jtti AFF Program

You can market Jtti products by placing links or banners on your website to any of the product pages on the official Jtti website. Through your referrals, you will receive a commission for each product sold.

Commissions are paid based on the amount of each sale, not just a one-time payment! You don't have to provide any technical maintenance, Jtti will maintain all users directly.

We don't deduct any fees, so even if you're just sending a small amount, you'll get a commission on every order.

How does it work?
After signing up,we will provide you with an exclusive link.Users who click on your exclusive link receive a cookie in their browser and are redirected to our website.They will be credited with any amount of purchase they make on our site, even if they don't click on your link again between orders. You still get up to 15% commission on all their payments. It's that simple.
Is there a trap?
Commissions can only be requested for withdrawal on the 20th-25th of each month.

This gives us time to make sure the order is not fraudulent.

We do require a maximum of one withdrawal per month, with remittance two business days after the 25th of the month.

We have a minimum withdrawal amount of $50.

Any questions?
Please contact us through seo@jtti.cc.
Join our Aff programme.

Join our Aff programme today and become part of the Jtti team! If you have any questions about our products or need more information and advice, Jtti is here to help.

Best of all, when you bring successful customers to Jtti, you get 15% commission on new purchases and 10% commission on renewals, re-subscriptions and upgrades of cloud server products. Dedicated servers all earn 5% commission.

There is no cap on the commissions you can earn, so you have a steady stream of income for as long as you are successful! Contact Jtti today to join our Team AFF programme!

How can I join?
If you are already a member, email seo@jtti.cc to get you started for free. If you are not a member, click Register for Membership and send an email to seo@jtti.cc to get you started for free. Then get your AFF link in our Member Centre Promotion Overview.