Hong Kong Dedicated Servers
Hong Kong Tier-3+ Data Center with a reliable Internet backbone
Model CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth IP Price/mo.
Up to 55% OFF
Xeon E5-2660 16G DDR3 500G SSD 10 Mbps 3 IP
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HKX8-32G10M Xeon E5-2660 32G DDR3 500G SSD 10 Mbps 3 IP
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Up to 32% OFF
Xeon E5-2660*2 32G DDR3 500G SSD 10 Mbps 3 IP
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HKX16-64G10M Xeon E5-2660*2 64G DDR3 500G SSD 10 Mbps 3 IP
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Up to 25% OFF
Xeon E5-2660*2 128G DDR3 500G SSD 10 Mbps 3 IP
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Why choose Jtti’s Hong Kong Server?

CN2 GIA+BGP International Multiline

BGP international multi-line + bi-directional CN2 direct connection, second-level coverage of the Asia-Pacific region

Enterprise-level security

Data center equipped with Jindun hard defense, Tier-3+ fault-tolerant security environment

Complete resource utilization

Full root and admin access to install any content required

Remote intelligent control server

WEB-based intelligent console, supporting mobile, tablet and PC operation

99.9% Network Uptime

The data center is manned 24/7/365 to ensure smooth operation of the poetry equipment

Network monitoring is visible at all times.

Visual statistics graphs, import and export bandwidth rates, traffic consumption are visible in real time.
Data Center
Configuring your server to Jtti Data Center is the right choice for you.
Data Center
Direct access to the backbone
Protection plan
T-level High Defense Strategy
BGP Network
100Gbps Redundancy
Backup UPS system
Monitoring system
24/7 Advanced Security
Generator sets
Twelve Electric generators
Cooling Technology
Hot and cold airflow design
IDC resources
Multiple Hong Kong suppliers