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Supports multiple carrier line breakdowns and overseas lines on five continents. Support high defense DNS, support DNS security extension protocol. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack to meet IPv6 upgrade requirements. Support batch adding domain names. Batch modification of resolution records.
Suitable for local and industry portals, small e-commerce websites, etc., daily IP <50,000
$ 290.5 /Year $290.5
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Features include:
QPS protection:
500ten thousand
Q Minimum TTL:
A record load balancing:
Aubdomain level:
Level 10
Operator line segmentation
Customized version
For companies with special customization requirements
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Features include:
QPS protection:
Q Minimum TTL:
A record load balancing:
Aubdomain level:
Benefits of Cloud DNS

Intelligent Domain Name Resolution

Provide global multiple resolution nodes, support multiple operators line segmentation, overseas five continents line, intelligent judgment to provide reasonable access to the resolution address.

Defense against DDoS/DNS attacks

Support high defense DNS, can withstand more than 1T protection traffic, peak 600 million Q/s DDoS protection ability, easy to deal with high traffic DDoS attacks or DNSQuery, query attacks.

Full support for IPv6

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack, intelligent line management and global load balancing to meet customers' needs for IPv6 upgrading and transformation, multi-domain name, multi-website management and other scenarios.

DNS Security Protocol

Supports the DNS security extension protocol, which can digitally sign DNS records to ensure the authenticity and integrity of DNS response messages.

Global Traffic Management

Supports global traffic management policies such as surveillance monitoring, downtime switching, and weighting configuration to achieve proximity access, load balancing, network inspection and fault isolation.

Multiple access modes

Support domain name resolution hosting, can be customized private NS name and server clusters, for self-built DNS customers using high-defense IP disaster recovery solutions.
Application scenario

Web Services

Enterprise websites are most vulnerable to hackers and competitors dns attacks when organizing promotional activities, intelligent DNS resolution can provide super T-level + traffic protection protection can easily deal with hackers and competitors malicious competition.

Financial service

Financial systems store a large amount of users' private information, which is prone to DNS attacks. Jtti Cloud DNS supports high-defense DNS, which can withstand more than 1T protection traffic, with a peak DDoS protection capacity of 600 million Q/s, and can easily cope with high-volume DDoS attacks.

Government organization

Jtti cloud DNS has fully supported IPV4 and IPV6 dual-stack, providing unique IPV6 load balancing and realizing fault shielding, which can meet the needs of government websites and APPs to quickly realize IPV6 client access to the existing IPV4 servers in the public network and complete IPV6 transformation.

Online game

Game business, especially chess and card games, is the hardest-hit area of DNS attacks, and the peak attack can reach 600 million QPS. Once attacked, it can lead to a large number of users dropping out of the line, large access delay and other problems, which greatly affects the gaming experience.